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The hardest thing for me in my life has been realising I have a voice but feeling like I am not heard or my voice is not valid. It has made me feel devalued, hurt and left me with deep wounds that I have and continue to work through.

This stopped me from speaking up when I was in pain emotionally, and often on the surface was a different person than underneath.
For me this started way back when I was very little in a family still working out how to be together.

The Table Talk Project aims to meet families (whatever that looks like to them) where they are at on their journey and provides the tools to support healthy meals and deeper conversation.

My desire is that everyone in your family has a place at the table. That everyone knows that they matter and whatever they have to say that it will be heard no matter how tough it might be to say or hear.

I never want to hear of another unheard voice at the table

Founder of The Table Talk Project

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